Captain of the “Straw Hat Pirates.”

Also known as “Straw Hat Luffy.” Raised with his sworn brother Ace in Foosha Village of the East Blue. To fulfill his promise to the famous pirate Shanks, who he had met in his childhood, and to achieve his dream of becoming the Pirate King, he set out for sea. With the Nakama he has met during his adventures at sea, he sets out for the Grand Line. With the abilities of the Devil Fruit “Gum-Gum Fruit”, his entire body can stretch and expand like rubber. Having trained under Rayleigh, he learned how to use Haki at will. His weaknesses are that he can’t swim due to the side effects of the Devil Fruit and that he is easily deceived. His favorite food is meat.


A cheerful and sassy talking raccoon dog.
His true identity is a pen which ate the “Mythical Zoan, Mutt-Mutt Fruit, Raccoon Dog Type” and he has a ability to create anything by writing letters on the leaves.
He seems to have a promise to meet with someone but his true purpose is …?

REDRed Count

A pirate with the nicknames, such as “Red Count”, or “Red the Aloof”.
He lived in the same era as Garp, Sengoku, Whitebeard, and Roger and he had a power to match them alone. He was a prisoner at the bottom layer of Impel Down until 2 years ago though, ran away during the War of the Best.
He left to the New World Sea to become the Pirate King.


Swordsman of the “Straw Hat Pirates.”

Also known as “Pirate Hunter Zoro.” Uses the Three-Sword Style. Studied the arts of the sword at a dojo in Shimotsuki Village of the East Blue, and set out for sea to challenge the world’s greatest swordsman “Hawk-Eye Mihawk” to a duel. However, before he was able to achieve his goal, his lifestyle became troubled as he began to attack pirate ships and gain fame from earning bounty. When he was captured by the Marines, he was saved by Luffy and joined his crew. With his promise to his late friend engraved in his heart, he aims to become the world’s number one swordsman. Under Mihawk’s harsh training, he learned to use Haki. His weakness is his poor sense of direction.


Navigator of the “Straw Hat Pirates.”

Also known as “Cat Burglar.” Originally from Cocoyashi Village of the East Blue. A war orphan raised by her foster mother Bell-mère. Taken into the fishmen pirate crew “Arlong Pirates”, she begins her pirate-exclusive thievery in order to buy back her village. When Luffy frees her from Arlong, she decides to join his crew in order to fulfill her dream of drawing maps of the world. She is very knowledgeable about navigation and meteorology and has a natural ability to predict the weather. After studying new skills and knowledge on a small sky island “Weatheria” that studies climates, her weapon’s abilities have been greatly strengthened.


Sniper of the “Straw Hat Pirates.”

Also known as “Proud Usopp”. Originally from Syrupt village of the East Blue. Admiring his father who served under the great pirate Shanks, he aspires to become a “brave warrior of the sea.” Carrying on his father’s aiming talents, he has 100% precision with his slingshot. During Luffy’s coincidental visit to the village, Usopp’s courage was acknowledged by Luffy and his crew, leading Usopp to join the crew. With his steady hands, he develops weapons as well as repairs the ship. Also blessed with an artistic sense, he designed the Straw Hat Pirates flag. Having trained on Greenstone of the Boin Archipelago full of gigantic bugs, he obtained seeds of the plant “Pop Green” that allow quicker and more offensive attacks.


Cook of the “Straw Hat Pirates.”

Also known as “Black-Leg.” Originally from the North Blue. Before joining the crew, he worked as sous chef at the ocean restaurant “Baratie”. Under Baratie’s owner and master chef Zeff, he trained his cooking skills and leg attacks. To fulfill his dream of discovering the point at which all sea ingredients can be found, the “All Blue”, he joined Luffy in his adventures to the Grand Line. After fighting for 2 years on Kamabakka Kingdom, he learned Haki. He has a weakness for ladies, and will not hurt one even if she is his enemy.

Tony Tony.Chopper

Doctor of the "Straw Hat Pirates."

Was originally a wild reindeer, but because he consumed the Human-Human Fruit, he learned human abilities. Devoting himself to becoming a doctor after meeting the warm-hearted Dr. Hiriluk, he learned medicine under the famous Dr. Kureha. In order to continue Hiriluk's legacy of fighting against the impossible, and to see a wider universe, he joined the Straw Hat Pirates. He has the ability to transform into 7 forms during battle. Due to his training and research, the only form that required the Rumble Ball became the Monster Point, and all other forms became strengthened.


Archaeologist of the “Straw Hat Pirates.”

Also known as the “Devil Child”.
Originally from Ohara of the West Blue. Before becoming a member of the crew, she was vice president of a secret criminal organization called Baroque Works led by Crocodile and was involved in a conspiracy to overtake Alabasta. Her lifelong goal is to decipher the “Poneglyphs” scattered around the world, but this was deemed dangerous by the World Government and thus she was made a wanted criminal since she was young. She possesses the abilities of the “Flower-Flower Fruit” and can make parts of her body bloom like flowers. Using this ability, she can connect countless legs to make a gigantic leg appear or even make a clone of herself.


Ship Carpenter of the "Straw Hat Pirates."

Also known as "Cyborg Franky."
His whole body is remodeled into a cyborg. As chief support of the wrecking yard, he controlled the villains of Water 7. He was the disciple of the legendary ship carpenter and was like brothers with the mayor Iceburg. He was targeted as the possessor of the blueprints of an ancient weapon by "CP9" with Robin, but by fighting alongside with Luffy and his crew, they were able to win back Robin. He constructed the Thousand Sunny as a gift to Luffy, and joined the crew to witness the ship's sails. He achieved the greatest model change with the technology gained from a former laboratory of genius researched Dr. Vegapunk. There are equipment built inside his body that surpasses all human intellect.


Musician and Swordsman of the "Straw Hat Pirates."

Also known as "Humming Brook" or "Soul King". Changed his lifestyle from being the leader of a bodyguard group of a certain kingdom in West Blue to becoming a pirate. The other pirates died from battle, but due to the powers of the Revive-Revive fruit, he revived in the form of a skeleton. Joined Luffy's crew after Luffy took a liking to his appearance, music and skills. In battle, he uses instruments as well as the sword. By acknowledging that his soul had a powerful energy, his sword skills and attacks using instruments have improved in power.

  • Monkey.D. Luffy
  • Pato
  • RED Red Count
  • Roronoa. Zoro
  • Nami
  • Usopp
  • Sanji
  • Tony Tony. Chopper
  • Nico. Robin
  • Franky
  • Brook

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